Service Strategy falls under the ServiceNow business management applications, which provides executives a full spectrum of information related to governance, risk, costs, demand, resource utilization, project status, and portfolio and program performance. Using all the data and processes managed within a single system of record, along with the functionality of all the underlying platform components, ServiceNow can help to automate these disciplines.


Are you ready for Service Strategy in ServiceNow? Let us help you build your Service Strategy. Ever used a road map to get somewhere? Well, a strategy is a road map for a business.

Our Process & Strategy offering will help you transform your organization, and includes:

  • PMO Governance  
  • Project Status and Portfolio/Program Reporting
  • Project Planning and Collaboration including Agile/Scrum approaches
  • Budgeting and Cost Tracking
  • Resource Capacity Management
  • Project Ideation/Demand Management and Prioritization


You can choose what and how to implement the ServiceNow Service Strategy Suite. gNIS will help evaluate and recommend which parts of the suite to start with so that you consume what your organization can handle.

Our Implementation & Automation offer includes:

  • The Starter Kit - Idea and Demand  
  • Next level - Starter + PPPM Project Portfolio Program Management
  • Next level - Starter + PPPM + Resource Management
  • Ultimate level - OOTW Out of this World


gNIS offers a complete suite of training and support solutions, including training sessions, mentoring, and E-Learning. gNIS also offers tailored, virtual or onsite training that is specific to your organization's deployment of Service Strategy.

Our Training & Mentoring offer includes:

  • Service Strategy Admin Training  
  • Service Strategy Worker Training
  • Service Strategy Project Manager Training
  • Service Strategy Resource Training
  • Project Management Best Practices
  • Project Scheduling


gNIS has the expertise on the Project management side as well as the ServiceNow Service Strategy side and can customize the platform to fit your company's unique situations.

Let us custom develop an application for you. This offering includes:

  • Understanding the functional requirements  
  • Building the application within your environment
  • Fully testing application
  • Application deployment